Post-rehab housing an issue for some addicts

With President Donald Trump preparing to declare a national emergency for the opioid addiction crisis, housing assistance is important, addicts say. (WSYX/WTTE)

A Columbus man who has been battling addiction since he was nine-years-old, is calling on President Trump to beef up funding for post-rehabilitation housing.

"I am afraid to relapse," said Damon, as he told ABC 6 /FOX 28 about his years in and out of recovery.

"You don't think about it, when the drugs are in your face, you just do it," he says.

Damon hoping President Trump will soon provide some welcome financial relief to the opioid epidemic.

Trump is poised to declare a national emergency regarding the drug crisis which would allow him to ask for more funding for treatment facilities.

Damon, whose addiction has put him behind bars, says more money is needed to help addicts after they are done with their rehab treatment

"Most people come back to the same environment, they are stuck in the same box they left. Once you leave treatment, where do you go?" Damon said.

Katie Clark, a nursing supervisor at Maryhaven, says more sober living centers are needed in the area.

"We treat them, give them the tools to make it on their own, but they go back to the same place," said Clark.

Next month Maryhaven is expected to open an Addiction Stabilization Center on South High St. as part of Franklin County's Opioid Plan.

Overdose victims will get immediate treatment after being picked up by paramedics and extended care, targeted to break their addiction cycles.

"Hope it makes a difference, and saves somebody's life," said Damon.

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