Powell baker, Alli Krivanek, donates ALL profits to kids on the other side of the world

(Courtesy: Sweet Alli's)

When she returned to Central Ohio in the spring of 2014, she saw the world differently.

Alli Krivanek spent four months in Zambia, a country in Southern Africa, teaching children on a mission trip.

"I would say about 60% to 70% of the kids had AIDS," she told ABC6/FOX28. "Usually, they get one meal a day."

It wasn't the poverty or the illnesses that surprised Alli the most; instead, it was the pure joy they showed.

"I could not tell you a time where they were not smiling or singing," she said from her Powell home. "I asked [someone], 'how are you so happy?' And he said, 'because we have God on our side."

After she returned, Alli decided to start her own bakery business, Sweet Alli's, as a way to help those children. The bakery is run out of her family's home and she donates 100% of the profits, she said.

Sweet Alli's is her side-job. The 23-year-old also works for a catering company and just finished nursing school

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