Columbus Pride protesters arrested after confrontation with police

Columbus Pride protesters arrested after confrontation with police. (WSYX/WTTE)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - Four people were arrested and one could face aggravated robbery charges after a PRIDE protest that left a Columbus police officer with a torn ACL.

Ed Hasson of the Columbus Division of Police said the four people attempted to stop the parade and were arrested on disorderly conduct charges. One of the arrested protesters is accused of trying to take a police officer's weapon and is likely facing an aggravated robbery charge.

Hasson said Columbus police had 80 bike officers patrolling the area Saturday. When a group linked arms to block the parade route, the officers rode in, with their bicycles shielding them, and tried to move the protest off the street to allow the parade to continue. The skirmish escalated after the people in the street worked to hold their positions.

Hasson said the protesters were linked to Black Lives Matter.

"We strive to maintain peaceful events and festivals here in our city," Hasson said. "We welcome everyone."

Hassan said the injured officers, including the one who suffered a torn ACL, were treated and released. The officer with the knee injury is facing surgery and will be out "several months."

On its Facebook page, the Columbus Division of Police said the charges will include aggravated robbery, resisting arrest - causing harm to a police officer, fail to comply with a police officer's order or signal, and disorderly conduct - hindering movement.

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