State reps looking to eliminate tax on feminine hygiene products

State representatives are pushing a bill that would eliminate taxes on feminine hygiene products. (WSYX/WTTE)

It's a product all women at some time in their life have to buy -- feminine hygiene products.

From tampons to pads, women pay a lot of money each year on these items. And the product isn't cheap-- costing about $8 a box.

Now, some Ohio State representatives want to help women ease their pocketbooks when it comes to buying these items.

Representative Greta Johnson, one of the sponsors of the "Pink Tax" bill says these products are a medical necessity for women.

This is not a luxury item. Tampons and pads, these are items women need because if they don't, it could lead to infection, infertility, or life-threatening diseases," she said.

Johnson says women in Ohio on the average already make less money than men, so a sales tax on these products can put a burden on families.

"The cost of being a woman is height. And this is one way to level the playing field for women. When they are only making about $.70-$.77 to the dollar of our male counterparts." Johnson said.

State representative Johnson says she is open to expanding the conversation to possibly include other products that are medical necessities.

The bill was just introduced and will now be assigned to a committee for review.

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