Thousands of dollars raised to help expand addiction treatment house for women

Cheryl's House of Hope creator and CEO Cheryl Beverly hopes to raise $70,000 to expand her home care treatment center to house up to 20 recovering addicts at a time. (WSYX/WTTE)

People in Chillicothe are banding together to help treatment services for addicts.

A fundraiser was held inside St. Mary's church for Cheryl's House of Hope on Tuesday night.

"It was a lot bigger than I expected to see. The community came together. It was really awesome," said Cheryl Beverly, who is the CEO of Cheryl's House of Hope.

About 200 people attended to help solve a problem that's touching every spectrum of the community.

"Some days more than others. There are days when we're having eight, nine, ten,thirteen overdoses, sometimes even death," said Chillicothe Police Captain Ronald Meyers.

Instead of focusing on the epidemic, Beverly has been busy trying to fix it.

"I will be 29 in May. I am a heroin addict, but I've been battling with this for the past eight years," said Sierra Jackson.

Jackson, who's almost 50 days clean, is one of several women getting help from Cheryl's House of Hope.

Beverly said her goal is more than $70,000. The money will help purchase a bigger home for women to get clean. Beverly said she hopes expansion will help bring in about 20 female recovering addicts. The money raised will also help buy and take care of other expenses.

"My house is Cheryl's House of Hope and tonight, with this event, it gives me hope," said Beverly.

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