While revelers party, police patrol this St. Patrick's Day

Police are ready to make sure people are getting home safely on St. Patrick's Day. (WSYX/WTTE)

While revelers spent the day and night partying for the St. Patrick's Day holiday, law enforcment spent the day on the road watching for impaired drivers.

The party got under way at 6, but for bartender Danny Flanegan, things didn't really pick up until . That may not sound outrageous for a bartender, but those hours were A.M., not P.M.

"It's always surprising how many people come to drink at 8 a.m.," Flanegan said.

He shouldn't be surprised. This is the third St. Patrick's Day he's tended bar at Flannagan's in Dublin. Danny is no relation to the bar's namesake. He spent the morning doling out beers and offering drink suggestions. He also knows its part of his job to suggest to patrons that they not drink anymore if they become too intoxicated.

"There will be cabs outside this evening, waiting for people to take them home," he said.

Many bars are offering coupons for discounted cab rides. The ride service Uber was also offering discount codes online for reduced rates.

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