Husband is main suspect in murder of Mansfield corrections officer

Mansfield police said they will charge a man with murder in the death of his wife this morning on Dillon Road. Denise Reed, 45, was found dead inside her home. Her husband Michael Reed, 46, was also inside the home. He was detained and detectives later determined he killed his wife.

Neighbors said they didn't know the couple well, but knew something was going on this morning when police converged on the home around 8:30 a.m. Thursday. Detectives could be seen taking evidence out of the home. One neighbor, Amy Valentine, said she too had been the victim of domestic violence and hates to see it happen to anyone else.

"It really hurts to think about stuff like that. And that people can actually do that to the person they're supposed to love," said Valentine.

Ohio Department of Corrections officials confirmed Denise Reed was a corrections officer at the nearby Mansfield Correctional Institution. Police did not say how she died. Her body will be autopsied by the Cuyahoga County Coroner in Cleveland.

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