Caught on Video: Trooper attacked after chase with suspect

Trooper attacked4.JPG

Michigan State Police have released dramatic dashcam showing the attack on a state trooper after a chase.

Authorities say State Trooper Garry Guild was chasing Michael Barber, who was reportedly riding a stolen motorcycle. Barber is seen crashing, bringing the chase to an end. But then he and Trooper Guild get into a struggle after Barber approaches the cruiser.

While they're on the ground, the suspect's 19-year-old brother runs up and puts the Trooper in a chokehold. The two brothers can then be seen on the side of the camera hitting the Trooper and pulling him to the ground.

Two good Samaritans see the scene on the side of the highway, and pull off, running to help the Trooper.

Michael Barber and his brother Travis Wise are now facing charges of assault, resisting an officer, and several related counts.

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