Florida cop arrested for traffic stop robberies

Jose Acosta, a Miami Police Officer, was arrested after reportedly stealing from people he'd stop in the community he patrolled (Miami Police Dept./CNN Newsource)

A Florida officer is now facing charges after being accused of stealing from the community he patrols.

Jose Acosta was charged with burglary of a vehicle and grand theft.

The Miami Police Department began receiving calls in February about an officer stealing from citizens during traffic stops.

The Florida Department of Law enforcement, State Attorney's Office along with the Miami Police Department launched an investigation into the alleged claim. During their investigation they say they watched Acosta conduct several traffic stops without probable cause. Acosta did not alert dispatch of the traffic stops or give out a citation.

Officers say that's when they set up a sting operation with an undercover officer driving through the neighborhood. Acosta reportedly pulled over the undercover police officer, searched his pockets, and stole $1,200 from him.

The 22-year-old, who'd been on the force less than a year, was arrested Friday and placed on leave pending his firing.

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