Great-grandmother says she was sucker-punched in Walmart bread aisle

ATLANTA (WSYX/WTTE) -- Police have identified the suspect responsible for the brutal beating of an elderly woman at a northern Atlanta Walmart Sunday morning.

The victim, a great-grandmother who didn't want to be identified, told WSB that she was in a mobility scooter when a woman stepped in front of her way, then swore at her. The elderly woman said she responded by calling her the same expletive, which prompted the suspected to punch her in the back of the head and numerous times to the face.

In her interview, the victim had serious bruising to her face and arms as she tried to defend herself.

She said her screams for help largely went unnoticed until someone from security eventually came to her aid.

As she was being assisted, the woman noticed the suspect left her phone behind at the scene.

"She had dropped her phone in my buggy. See God did that, so we could find her," she said.

Atlanta police said the suspect could face assault and battery charges.

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