Kansas police officer rescues drowning autistic 3-year-old

In a park on a robbery call, Topeka, Kansas officer Aaron Bulmer saved 3-year-old Elijah Hamby from drowning in a pond. (CNN Newsource)

A police officer in Kansas was responding to a robbery when his mission changed quickly.

Aaron Bulmer, an officer in Topeka, was sent to Topeka Central Park on a call about a robbery. When he got to the park, Bulmer saw a child in a pond about 100 yards from him. Because there were no adults around, Officer Bulmer wanted to keep his on on the child.

"I went around the block," Bulmer said. "I lost sight of him and that concerned me."

Elijah Hamby, a 3-year-old with autism, was in the water. When Bulmer got out of his cruiser, he saw Elijah face down in the water. So, he sprinted to the pond, quickly jumping in to help Elijah.

Jaclyn Hamby, Elijah's mother, credited Bulmer with saving her son.

"I fear that I would have lost a child that day (if Bulmer hadn't been at the park)," she said.

That Elijah was in the park was a surprise. With his mother at work and four siblings at church, Elijah's father gave him chocolate milk and turned on his favorite show. When his father went to the bathroom after making sure the doors of the home were all locked, Elijah got out of the house through the back door, which his parents weren't aware he could unlock. Elijah was wearing socks, so he didn't make noise while walking out of the house.

After pulling Elijah from the water, Officer Bulmer gave him to a bystander and Elijah was taken to a waiting ambulance. He was reunited with his father, who had been frantically searching for him, at the ambulance.

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