Man has meltdown, attacks clerk after credit card declined

Man attacks a convenience store clerk after his credit card was denied (Courtesy: Santa Ana, California police)

A man was not happy his credit card company wouldn't let him buy a bag of M&Ms, and went into a rage inside a southern California 7-11 store.

Investigators in Santa Ana released surveillance video, hoping to find the guy.

Police say the man tried to buy the bag of candy but his card was declined. The man and the clerk can be seen talking before the guy swipes his card. Then when it's declined, the customer goes into a rage, hitting the clerk in the head, and pushing the register and printer to the floor.

Then as he's walking out, he throws bananas at the other cashier and pushes the other register off the counter.

The store says the guy caused about $700 worth of damage to their registers and receipt printers.

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