Minnesota mother suing transgender daughter

Anmaria Calgaro is suing to stop the gender medical treatments of her teenager. The teen ran away from home two years ago and hasn't lived with her since. (CNN Newsource)

A Minnesota mother who hasn't lived in the same city as her 17-year-old in two years is suing to restore parental rights.

Anmaria Calgaro lost those rights after an emancipation letter from legal aid that said they lived apart for six months and Calgaro made no attempt to bring the teenager home or report her child as a runaway. After discovering her child has been getting treatment to transition from male to female, Calgaro is suing to stop the treatments.

"I am firmly committed to what is best for my son -- for all of my children," Calgaro said. "I am his mother. He is and will always be welcome in our home."

Her attorney is arguing a legal emancipation was never proven. The case is moving forward after Calgaro discovered her child was getting gender medical treatment to transition from male to female. The health department and school district are being blamed for keeping health and education records from Calgaro.

"The U.S. Constitution says that parental rights are fundamental rights that can't be terminated without due process," attorney Erick Kaardal said.

Since the mother filed the lawsuit, her teenager has cut off all contact.

"It's sort of like a mourning in a way and I just want our family to get back together," Calgaro said.

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