One-armed Texas deputy beating doubters, odds

Deputy Michael Jason lost his right arm when he was 12 and has been working as a deputy for 10 years. (CNN Newsource)

When Grimes County, Texas sheriff Donald Sewell hired Michael Jason 10 years ago, the sheriff got some strange looks.

Jason has only one arm, and some thought he wouldn't be up to the physical requirements of the job.

"I had some people who thought I was some dad-gum nuts, to be frank about it, for hiring him," Sewell said. "He showed them. I didn't do anything. He showed them."

Deputy Jason lost his right arm in an accident on his family farm when he was 12. He said that since then, he's been working to prove he can do just about everything everyone else can do.

His state of mind is seeing challenges, not obstacles.

"It's mind over matter," Jason said. "Only you know your capabilities, what you're capable of doing. But, then you got to prove that."

Jason didn't get a lot of notice until last summer, when he helped people from out of town with a flat tire. Those folks shared a photo on social media calling him an inspiration.

"I just thank God that I'm blessed to be here and alive," Jason said. "No matter what happens, you can still do whatever you want to do it you put your mind to it."

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