Penfield crash victim killed on same road where his older brother died

Pavel "Paul" Leune who died in a car accident Tuesday at the same location where his brother was killed 11 years ago.

Penfield, N.Y. (WHAM) - Nina and Alex Laune are mourning their youngest son who died Tuesday at the very location where a car crash killed his brother more than a decade ago.

"I have a lot of questions in God. I ask God, 'Why do you do this?'", said Nina Laune who is the mother of the two men.

Pavel Laune was the driver of a car that rolled over on Harris Road in Penfield Tuesday morning, resulting in his death and the death of his passenger, Melody Stacklyn of Walworth, Wayne County.

The Laune family emigrated to Rochester from Lithuania seeking a better life. Their heartache is now compounded by where - and how - their youngest son died. "it's very hard for me. I don't know why this happened," said Nina Laune.

Nina showed reporter Jane Flasch a photo of her oldest son Andrejs. A photograph is the only way she can hold her child. He died at the hands of a drunk driver in 2006. But the pain of it all is suddenly fresh.

"She did not stop and she killed my son," Nina recalled.

Andrejs' death was hard on everyone, but especially for his little brother Pavel.

"He cry and say that's my brother. He cried and say, 'I miss him so much and I love him always,'" Nina said. As he grew Pavel, became a regular visitor to his brother's grave. The importance in those visits exhibited in a photo taken at there - which he later made his profile picture on his Facebook page.

His mother said Pavel avoided Harris Road - where Andrejs died - and when he couldn't, he didn't stay long.

"He always told me that if he drives in this place he drives so fast," Nina said. "He doesn't want to see. He tries to go so fast so that he won't see the place (where it happened).".

On Tuesday, around 3:30 a.m., police say Pavel was speeding down Harris Road when the car went airborne and overturned. His body was ejected and came to rest not 100 yards from where his brother was killed.

"I don't know why this happened," his mother said. "I think if I stayed in my country maybe it not happen like this. My heart is broken forever."

Now Pavel's daughter will grow up without her father.

"She loves him very very much. He loved her," recalled Pavel's father Alex Laune.

Friends called him Paul. At the crash site they left a large wooden cross with his name, flowers and other tokens of their love and grief. On Wednesday his parents went to the site of the crash to mourn their son then walked the 100 yards down the street to kneel at the spot that claimed the life of his brother.

Nina and Alex said last month, as a surprise, they outfitted his car with new tires and an oil change.

"Everything was so good," said Nina, in tears.

Pavel's father also cried softly. "Now we have no son, no car, nothing."

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