500 fake solar eclipse glasses sold to Ohio school

500 fake solar eclipse glasses were sold to an Ohio school, ruining an educational experience. (WKRC)

The total solar eclipse is on Monday. It's happening in the middle of the school day.

That means schools along the eclipse's path must make plans to either view it or not. It’s an opportunity for a real-time science lesson that's a teachable moment, one that students will hopefully remember forever.

Monroe Primary School in Ohio was excited to take their students outside to watch the eclipse with a pair of glasses, but now that likely won't happen. The glasses they bought are fake.

Principal Kathy Gall says they purchased 500 off of Amazon.

The plan was to have every 3-to-7-year-old student go outside and watch, but when Principal Gall started to look at them she thought something was off.

The glasses were from five different companies, plus there were inconsistencies with the ISO and CE label and the numbers.

Principal Gall got an email from Amazon on Thursday confirming that her suspicions were right.

"On the email, it advised us to not use the glasses because the company or vendor that they had advertised on their website was not providing official documentation that they were ISO certified and NASA approved," said Principal Gall.

Monroe did get a full refund, but now the plan is to keep the kids inside and show a live-stream from NASA of the eclipse happening.

In Mason, the district purchased 10,000 eclipse glasses and they made sure they’re legitimate.

7th Grader Adhira Shankar is excited to watch it happen.

"Seeing a total eclipse will be pretty cool. Especially knowing I won't be able to see one like this in Mason for a long time," said Shankar.

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