Animal park: Viewers concerned about minor injury, giraffe camera to be pulled

(Photo: MGNOnline, Animal Adventure Park)

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y: (WRGB) Love for April the Giraffe has not waned since the birth of her calf.

Thousands of comments and emails have flooded the email servers for the Animal Adventure Park, according to a Facebook post.

The comments stem from an apparent injury that had those watching the webcam concerned.

However, in a Facebook post, the park states that they were well aware, before the first email, that April the Giraffe has a small twist on her leg.

The park, in the same post, states that the constant emails are affecting their servers and keeping them from opening the park on time.

Less than 24 hours later, the park reports on another Facebook post that April's stance and walk were "almost perfect again".

According to the Associated Press, YouTube reports that April's livestreams had more than 232 million views.

The calf has yet to be named. You can visit to purchase votes to name April's calf.

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