Girl, 10, dies saving 2 little girls from runaway SUV

(KGTV/CNN Newsource)

A tragic story out of San Diego. A 10-year-old girl died after she pushed two other children from the path of a runaway SUV. The vehicle hit and killed Kiera Larsen Monday.

The parents of the two children who survived are calling Larsen "a hero."

There are flowers, balloons, a candle and a teddy bear near the spot where Larsen died. She saved the lives of her two little friends by giving her own.

Alyssa Jenkins, mom of the two younger girls, said, "She saved both my daughters' lives, my two kids, all I have, and both could have been gone in an instant! She stepped in and took over and did what she knows, and that's to protect those around her."

Cradled in their parents arms -- Addison and Emmah -- have scratches from being pushed out of harm's way.

Jonathan Gusich, father of the two saved girls, said, "She was a big sister to them. She was always lookin' out for 'em and apparently she would give her life for my kids."

The Mercedes SUV was parked on a slope. Investigators say they don't know how it shifted into neutral and started rolling.

The kids were in the yard playing when the car started rolling. Larsen pushed the two little ones out of the way. The car grabbed her and pushed through a fence. It pinned her a few yards away.

A grieving neighbor said, "Very sweet little girl. She was best friends with my daughter and it's very sad what happened to her. She was loved by everybody."

Jenkins said, "She is truly a hero and will forever be my kids' guardian angel."

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Kiera's family to assist with expenses.

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