Trump to Protesters: "Get 'em out! Out!"


With a fist raised, a group of Black Lives Matters protesters was escorted by police out of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's rally in a hangar at Port Columbus International Airport Tuesday.

In all, a total of three groups were led out of the event.

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Trump is ready to campaign in Ohio ahead of the state's March 15 primary. The visit marks his second campaign stop in Columbus.

Kasich has repeatedly said he's confident he will win his home state, despite some polls showing Trump prevailing. Kasich is scheduled to spend next week in Massachusetts, Vermont and Michigan.

The chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, which has endorsed Kasich, issued Trump a mock welcome, suggesting "only winners" would be allowed at his "yuge, beautiful" event and if "losers, basket cases, choke artists, (or) sweaty people show up, they will be deported."

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