Family 411: Working out as a family

Experts say working out as a family can help build healthy habits in kids. (WSYX/WTTE)

Children who see their parents exercise may be inspired to want to be healthy and fit too.

It's a family ritual for the Shireys, hitting the gym at least four days a week.

"It comes down to sports as well as health overall health and just trying to do stuff together as a family," said Vince Shirey.

Vince, his wife Krystina, and their two oldest, Noah and Camden, walk in with a plan.

"Maybe one week we do strength maybe a higher level of reps just to work on different types of muscle fibers," said Shirey.

YMCA Health and Wellness Coordinator, Jamie Goudy, says beginning an exercise regimen early on sets up children for success later.

"Start them out with something they really enjoy if they like dance get them in a dance class if they like gymnastics go that route," said Goudy.

Vince and Krystina's two oldest boys play school sports. Noan plays football. Camden wrestled and will take up football too.

"We tailor it for speed and agility," said Shirey.

For results that extend beyond the gym. "It's going to make you more effective on the field it's going to make you faster your going to throw farther jump higher," said Goudy.

It's not just about lifting and sprints. But eating right most of the time.

"It's just easier when everybody is on the same page so when we take a cheat meal or a cheat day we do it together," said Shirey.

Camden had struggled with his weight.

"Something just clicked and he started to eat the right foods he got rid of pop he got rid of fast food and he started making his own choices and he wanted to be healthy and he actually lost 50 pounds," said Shirey.

Vince worked out with his dad when he was a boy and is now following in his father's footsteps.

"Having my boys and being able to train with them is fun for me," said Shirey.

Also looking out for their future too.

"If they start now they can make their choices now and they're not going to have a doctor telling them when they're 55 or 60 years old they have to eat this way because they're healthy," said Shirey.

Goudy recommends keeping workouts appropriate for the age level to avoid injury and to focus on certain parts of the body for adequate recovery time.

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