Franklin Co. footing the bill to clean cars damaged after visit by road line crew

Several cars were sprayed with wet paint while driving near Central College Road near the Franklin County-Licking County line. (WSYX/WTTE)

Mother Nature is getting the blame for several cars being sprayed with wet paint Monday afternoon while driving near New Albany.

"I did the best I could to get it off," said Dale Shadwick, "it wouldn't come off completely."

Shadwick says splotches of yellow paint splattered across his pick-up truck while he was driving on a windy section of Central College Road near the Franklin County-Licking County line.

"I was a little upset, you can't do anything about it," said Shadwick.

The paint had just been laid down to surface the road with new dividing lines by a Franklin County Engineer stripe crew.

"The paint appeared to be dry," said Brent Welch, with the Franklin County Engineer's Office.

Welch says crews always check to make sure road lines are completely dry before leaving the scene, but in this case, a sudden shower may have led to the problems.

"A pop-up shower caught us off-guard." said Welch, it caused the paint to dry slower than we normally experience."

The county uses a standard environmentally safe water base paint to line the roads, which normally takes three minutes to dry.

Welch says curved lines can take longer to dry, and in this case while the paint skin appeared to be dry, the layer underneath apparently was still wet, causing the substance to splatter when it was driven over.

A glitch Franklin County is taking responsibility for and helping drivers like Shadwick clean up his vehicle.

"They tell me they will take care of it, county will pay for it," said Shadwick, "it was an accident."

The county asks anyone who may have had their car damaged by the paint to call (614) 525-3030.

We'll do everything in our power to remedy and make this right, said Welch


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