Safe viewing of the Solar Eclipse

Worthington Schools bought 10,000 pairs of solar glasses for students. (WSYX/WTTE)

The first day of school is right around the corner. Back to school is a time for shopping for supplies but at Worthington Schools, they are stocked with a different type of school supply this year.

"To say I'm excited is probably a little understatement." said Brian Geniusz. He's the science curriculum leader for the district and is preparing for the Solar Eclipse on August 21st around 2:15pm.

In anticipation of the eclipse which will be about 87% in Ohio, the district bought 10,000 pairs of solar glasses for students. "We paid 45 cents a pair of glasses about four months ago and since then prices have at least tripled in value. They're a pretty rare commodity." said Geniusz.

They may be harder to find now at that price but Prevent Blindness of Ohio says make sure you get the right glasses.

Sherry Williams says looking directly at the sun is like having a laser pointed at your eye. "It damages the retina and the cells in the retina could actually die and the affects of the eclipse might not be felt if you've looked at it directly for several hours to several days." Sherry says looks the stamp of approval. "You need to look for an ISO icon 12312-2 on the glasses in order for them to be considered safe by NASA."

The glasses for the Worthington students are NASA approved. They just need to wait for the big day. "It's an important event, it's something big for the state of Ohio and whole nation."

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