Cable Wars: Tips to help you save on your rising cable bill

Mailboxes are swimming with deals from Wow, AT&T and Spectrum for internet, cable and phone. (WSYX/WTTE)

Who doesn't want to save money on their monthly bills- especially that ever rising cable bill?

Robin Brennemen, of Hilliard, is tired of paying more.

After 20 plus years with the same cable provider, Brennemen is thinking about making a switch.

Her bill just went up $20 bucks a month.

"So I called them and I said why is my bill so much higher?", she said.

"And they said well you were in a promotion and the promotion is over. And I said well give me a new promotion. And they said well there's not one available and I would just have to live with it."

But these days you *don't have to "just live with it".

Mailboxes are swimming with deals from Wow, AT&T and Spectrum for internet, cable and phone.

Angie Hicks, creator of Angie's List, a consumer magazine and website, says bundles *used to be the way to go to cut costs.

Now you have options, based on what you watch and how you surf the web.

"What channels do you watch?", said Hicks.

"How much do you use? And are there any Channels that you can bundle in particular?"

Hicks says it pays to study all the offers, so you'll know what to ask for if you want to stay with your current provider

"Be sure to ask for the customer retention group," said Hicks.

"And remember that you're going to be saying you're going to leave if you don't get the offer you are asking for. So be prepared for that outcome as well. But the retention team is the one that's equipped to match those offers."

Hicks says if you're not happy, you always have the option of pulling the plug.

"You need to be willing to walk away. that there is actually another viable alternative," said Hicks.

"But if you are, then you're probably going to get the price or one close to it. Or you're going to be shopping for someone else."

Even though Brennemen decided to stay put, she says she'll review her options in the next year.

Hicks also says always review the terms of any agreement, and if you're on a promotional deal, be sure you call back in when that promotional deal is going to expire so you don't get stuck with a much higher price.

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