Columbus ready for Prescription Drop-off Day

Americans will have the chance to drop off unused prescriptions for free on Saturday. (WSYX/WTTE)

Columbus Public Health wants you to be able to get rid of your old prescription pills to help saves lives.

It's encouraging everyone to clean out their medicine cabinets and get rid of drugs the right way.

"People want to do the right thing," said Richard Hicks with Columbus Public Health. "But that means they often flush them down the toilet where these medicines can get into our water supply and be a potential risk to our water ways."

Saturday, you'll be able to drop off the pills at Columbus Public Health on ParsonS Avenue without getting out of your car. You can drive up and an officer will take them. Another such event will be at Mansfield Square in Mansfield.

More importantly, getting the drugs out of your medicine cabinet can help prevent someone else from becoming addicted.

Columbus Public Health says many heroin addicts admit to abusing prescription pills before they move on to street drugs.

"We know often times heroin addiction begins in the medicine cabinet," said Melissa Green, also with Columbus Public Health. "Eighty percent report they first try a prescription pain pill given to them from a friend or family member."

The number of people in Columbus and across the country addicted to opiods is staggering. Health officials say Columbus has seen a 300 percent increase in overdoses since 2003.

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