Mom fights back with prayer after being held up at gunpoint


A Columbus woman used her prayer and her purse to stop a man from robbing her at gunpoint while she was sitting in her car.

"He pulled out the gun and directed it at my neck," said Lakeshia Shaw, who was held up in the parking lot of Giant Eagle located at 5461New Albany Rd W, around 9:30 Wednesday morning.

"We think these things only happen at night, people are bold out there," said Shaw.

The young mom says she opened her car window when a man approached her and asked for change. When Shaw told the man she had nothing, she says he pulled a gun out and shoved it into her neck.

"I didn't want to make any sudden moves, I didn't know what could happen, I didn't know if the gun was real," said Shaw.

Shaw says even after the gunman saw she had nothing in her purse, he continued to point the gun at her, that's when she used the power of prayer to keep her alive.

"I was just saying Lord, put up this mans heart not to kill me, I was praying to the blood of Jesus," said Shaw. "I amprayers were answered, when seconds later the gunman ran off empty handed. "I am GREATFUL and thankful to tell this story, it could have been worse" she said.

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