Residents on high alert due to South Columbus car break-ins

Suspects in a Vassar Village break-in (WSYX/WTTE)

South Columbus neighbors are being warned about car thefts in the community after crooks are caught on camera stealing tires and batteries.

"It's actually amazing what you can see people doing in front of a camera," said Beau Bayliss, as he reviewed surveillance video from his Vassar Village home.

Bayliss has been looking for possible criminal activity since last week when an abandoned car was discovered stripped in a back alley, and had a license plate registered to a 1987 Chevy.

"These three were seen going back to the vehicle three more times," said Bayliss, as he points out a questionable trio he caught on video rolling car tires down the street during the middle of the night.

Folks who live in the neighborhood near German and Hungarian Villages have reason to pay attention to stranded vehicles in the area. Within the past two weeks, nearly a dozen cars in the area have been broken into or stolen, according to Columbus police.

Bayliss is now fighting back and sending out a warning to neighbors that their cars could be targeted next.

"They will continue to keep stealing cars. We believe another car has been stolen," he said.

Columbus police are investigating the crimes. Anyone with information should call 614-645-4545.

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