On Your Side: GMC buys back troubled truck owner called a "lemon"

Michael Sammons got his lemon replaced by GMC after an issue that was never fixed. (WSYX/WTTE)

A Columbus man who says his brand new $40,000 truck was a "lemon" got a refund from the automaker.

Michael Sammons says his GMC Canyon had a problem that couldn't seem to be fixed. In January he reached out to Six On Your Side because mechanics were unable to repair his navigation and infotainment system.

"After seven visits to fix the exact same problem, I've had it," he said at the time.

His truck fit one of the Ohio definitions of a "lemon;" three or more attempts to repair the same problem, within the first year, or 18,000 miles.

Sammons said at the time that GM didn't seem willing to do much about it. So he called Six On Your Side.

"And you came out and did the story, then within five days they called me and told me that they were going to repurchase the vehicle which is what I asked them to do," he said.

GM gave Sammons his money back, which he used to buy another truck.

"I didn't buy a Canyon, but I did buy another GM product because GM finally did do the right thing," said Sammons.

His 2017 Colorado is smaller, and doesn't have that problematic navigation system. But the infotainment system works perfectly.

Sammons has some advice for anybody who thinks their new car is a lemon. He says you need to document everything.

"Every time I spoke to someone I wrote their name down. I wrote their extension. I wrote what I told them and what they told me," he said.

In the end, he turned his lemon in to lemonade, with a little help from Six On Your Side.

"We won. Thanks to Six on Your Side," said Sammons. "I think if you guys hadn't gotten involved I don't think it would have went very far because they were just giving me the runaround, for, you know, months."

In Ohio, you have to go through arbitration before you can use the Lemon Law. Sammons says his arbitration hearing was scheduled, and then GM called and offered to take the truck back.

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