Sussi holds court to help people stiffed by construction company

Max Erwin, Jr. owns Central Ohio's ACE Exteriors is accused of taking money from several customers without finishing or even starting jobs. (WSYX/WTTE)

Max Erwin, Jr. owns Central Ohio's ACE Exteriors.

Investigator Tom Sussi met him once at a used car lot he runs in Utica. When he walked into his office to talk about several customers who never got what they paid for, Erwin grabbed him by the collar and shoved him out the door.

It didn't stop him from seeking justice for the hard-working people that trusted his company. People, living pay check to pay check, gave Erwin's company hefty down payments for work that wasn't started or finished.

As complaints continued to pile up with Central Ohio Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's Office, Erwin eventually wised up. Erwin's lawyer and Sussi sat down and hammered out a resolution for some of these clients. In one case, a family finally got a fence they paid for last December. In another case, a couple got back their $5,300 deposit for a deck Erwin's company barely started.

But, it's not over. Sussi is still getting calls from former customers with similar complaints. To those of you, you're advised to contact Erwin's lawyer, Don Hallowes, at 614 759-4603.

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