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ICY WATER RESCUE: Hero Remembered

Updated: Friday, February 8 2013, 08:21 PM EST
COLUMBUS -- Alana Gamble says she’s not surprised that her boyfriend,
30-year-old James Russell Jenkins jumped into a pond to save a little
boy at 4499 Lakeside South.

Jenkins did not survive.  The little boy is at Nationwide Children’s hospital.

Gamble says it was his character to help others no matter what. 

“This is him, this is how he lived his life.  Anybody who knows him will tell you that was Russell.”

Friends and family left candles and stuffed animals, making a small memorial  in the spot where Jenkins jumped into the pond.

Even in his death Jenkins is still a hero.  According to the Franklin County Coroner Jenkins is a tissue donor.


Reporter: Maria Durant
Web Producer: Kellie HannaICY WATER RESCUE: Hero Remembered

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