Beyond the Game: Former Buckeye captain stars in new short film

COLUMBUS -- Otis Winston was a multi-talented athlete at Ohio State, a captain of the basketball and track teams.

His interests certainly don't end there. Winston calls himself a 10-year overnight success as a working actor and he didn't have to move to New York or Los Angeles to make it happen.

Winston's biggest job is being a single father but he's managed to find time to pursue his acting craft.

His latest project is a short film "Split Decision" , an inspiring look at race relations based on a experience he had.

"I'm hoping it moves them," Winston told ABC-6. "We have to come together and make American great again. We need to bring it in and have this conversation and dialogue.

He's hopeful you'll find the four and half minute short on YouTube and give it a watch.

Winston says all the extras in the film are from his hometown of Toronto, Ohio.

"We know what we're doing," says Winston. "It looks like something that was shot in L-A but we're doing it for half the cost."

The 43-year old Winston will audition in Atlanta Tuesday for a basketball film to air on Black Entertainment Television.

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