Beyond the Game: Dickie V appearance bolters St. Charles Prep scholarship fund


COLUMBUS -- Celebrated college basketball analyst Dick Vitale spent Thursday in Columbus as the featured speaker at St. Charles Preparatory School to raise funds for the school's scholarship fund.

Vitale made two public appearances at St. Charles, the first a Noon speech to the student body and "An Evening with Dick Vitale, hosted by Peggy and Bob Walter."

The Vitale function raised $625,000 supporting Student Tuition Assistance through the St. Charles Endowment Fund.

The ESPN college basketball analyst is a member of 13 Halls of Fame and written 13 books to boot. His theme to the students was about love.

"Somebody loved you enough to give you a place at this school," said Vitale. "You need to go hug your Mom, Dad, Grandad tonight."

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