Kam Williams has spent the summer learning point guard position


COLUMBUS -- Senior to be guard Kam Williams provided a very insightful 15-minute interview Thursday, detailing time spent learning a new position, new coach Chris Holtmann's attention to detail and the Buckeyes new recruiting pitch.

"I want this senior year to be lit, turned up because that's all (fellow senior) Jae'Sean Tate and I have right now," Williams told reporters at Value City Arena.

On new head coach Chris Holtmann, "We were running a defensive drill the other day and he didn't like the way I was closing out so he made sure I did it over again."

The 6-foot-2 redshirt senior said he's used the summer to almost exclusively get himself up to speed playing point guard in order to back up the only other guard on the roster, C. J. Jackson.

"We have supreme confidence," said Williams. "We do not need anyone else in our circle."

Williams was asked how he would sell prospective recruits on the Buckeyes hopes going forward. "They could be the first to win in a new era. The first to win the Big 10 under Coach Holtmann, the first to win a national championship under Holtmann. That would be very appealing to me as a recruit."

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