AAA Blue Jackets are Quebec bound to battle world's best

LEWIS CENTER -- The 12-year olds who make up the AAA Blue Jackets were more than excited as they departed Central Ohio Wednesday night.

The Jackets team will play in the prestigious tournament for at least the fourth straight year.

It might be the ultimate field trip for these hockey hot shots. They play for two weeks against 18 other countries in front of over 200,000 fans.

In addition, the AAA Jackets players live with a French-speaking family in Quebec and some form lasting friendships.

Todd Ehrie will coach the team as he did in '14 and he's quite excited that son Trevin is on board this time around.

ABC-6 joined the team for their sendoff on the 18-hour road trip.

"This is very much like the Little League World Series," program coordinator Ed Gingher told ABC-6. "These kids get to play in front of 14 or 15,000 fans. It's something they'll remember for a long time."

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