Former Buckeye Captain wants Holtmann to consider Jent


COLUMBUS -- Chris Holtmann will be formally introduced as the new Ohio State mens basketball coach Monday morning.

Two former players and captains have some staffing advice for the new head coach.

Rick Smith would like to see current staffer and former OSU player Chris Jent considered for an assistant's spot.

"He's got that NBA and college experience," Smith told ABC-6. "That's the first thing most of these players ask now is how can you get me to the league."

Former Buckeye J.J. Sullinger thinks Holtmann should consider former Buckeye point guard Scoonie Penn for a staff position. "Scoonie can go in any gym, anywhere and people know he played at Ohio State and what he did here," Sullinger said.

Penn led the Buckeyes to the 1999 Final Four.

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