The Football Fever: Cardale Jones holds free camp for kids


GAHANNA -- Cardale Jones remembers money being tight when he was a kid so sports camps were not an option for him so Saturday the former Buckeye quarterback staged a free four-hour camp for kids and charged nothing.

"I think wanted them (campers) to have something fun to do," Jones told ABC-6. "That's why I made it free so someone like me could come." Jones was joined by former teammate Tyvis Powell, now with the Indianapolis Colts, and Eddie George, one of the most decorated players in OSU history, acting as coaches in Cardale's Pro Players Skills Camp.

Campers hopefully enjoyed an experience that will last a lifetime, says Jones by capturing every moment of this two-day camp digitally, with every camper receiving a professionally produced camp video.

The Cardale Jones Pro Player Skills Camp strives to create an experience that will not only enhance fundamental skills, but also serve as a key moment in their development as both an athlete and person. The goal is to provide the camper with building blocks in their foundational development.

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