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BAND SCANDAL: Former OSU Marching Band Member Named In Investigation Talks

COLUMBUS (Tom Sussi) -- Only on ABC 6/FOX 28, a former OSU Marching Band member who showed up in the University's investigation talked with ABC 6 Investigators about the report.

The investigation claims some of the new band members were given sexually-explicit nicknames. Alexandra Clark was given one. It's listed on page six of the 23-page report. But Clark says the University put its own spin on it to make it sound more offensive.

"They gave me a funny nickname that quite frankly is really fun to say out loud.," said Clark who marched with the band from 2009 to 2011.
In its investigation report, OSU says "Jewoobs was given to a jewish student with large breasts." Clark says the University has it wrong.

"It's spelled J-o-o-b-s. J-e-w-o-o-b-s is how they spelled it in the report. They felt that Jew was so offensive that they added that description to a Jewish girl with large breasts."
We tracked down Clark in Chicago, where she's on vacation. She says investigators never bothered to contact her about her nickname or anything else. Had they, Clark says she would have set the record straight. "It was a light-hearted joke given by my band mates with my full-consent," said Clark.
"Sexual harassment" and  "hostile environment" is how the report paints the marching band's culture. "I certainly never witnessed or experienced pressure from anybody in the band to do anything I was not comfortable with at all," said Clark. "That never happened."

Something else Clark says never happened during her time with the band, is how this report portrays a tradition called The Midnight Ramp. "It's not like everyone is getting naked and drunk and running around the stadium," Clark said. "It's a tradition meant to welcome people into the family and into the band. I did my first Midnight Ramp wearing a tank top and shorts that provided full coverage."

Clark says some of the so-called sexually explicit events described in this report took place off-campus, in private places, among band members. Or, as Clark calls it, family. "At no stage of this did I feel I was being hazed; rather I was the willing participant of a tradition," she said.

Clark says the university made fired band director Jonathan Waters the scapegoat for traditions that have existed for decades.

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