Bexley community trying to come to grips with homicide as Columbus Police investigates
Bexley High School on Dec. 14, 2020. (WSYX/WTTE)

Counselors and teachers were on hand at Bexley High School Monday after a shooting wounded one of their alumni and took the life of another former student.

Columbus Police are investigating the shooting that happened about 11:58 pm Friday at the Barclay Square apartments, just outside Bexley.

So far no suspects have been named in the case. However, in the Saturday news release, detectives said a “John Doe” was taken to the hospital and they were looking for another person of interest.

Bexley Interim Superintendent Dr. Dan Good said Troy Redmond, who graduated last year is expected to survive.

“He had a magnetic personality. He was a football player. He had a sister who is in elementary school. He was very engaged in the district and received a lot of support,” said Good.

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According to Good, Jeremiah Clinton’s family is now grieving his loss. “He was a wrestler. Everyone comments on the great smile that he had. Definitely a father figure to his little siblings,” Good said.

The shots scared multiple 9-1-1 callers who knew something was horribly wrong.

“We just heard gunshots outside. Like quite a few. Probably about like 10 gunshots outside,” said one woman who told the dispatcher she was afraid to step outside for fear of getting shot herself.

Columbus Police on the scene of a deadly shooting at the Barclay Square Apartments in East Columbus on Dec. 12, 2020. (WSYX/WTTE)

Dr. Good said after serving as superintendent in Westerville and Columbus, he never wants to be de-sensitized to the violence.

“These are someone’s sons or daughters, nephews or grandsons. So you immediately go to that empathetic place,” said Good, who has been in contact with the families.

“This took me back to 2005, we had 27 Columbus City Schools deaths. A majority of those were violent acts. A majority of those violent acts were firearm-related. So I have to question, how much progress have we made,” asked Good. “I wonder if what we are doing is working.”

Columbus Police said this week that 14% of the homicides in 2020 involved people 21 and younger.

Over 75% of 2020 homicide victims in Columbus were black, police share in report

“Where have we failed our parents in helping educate them. Provide them ways to acquire firearms when they are necessary but secure them so they are not available to youth?”

“How do we teach our youth to process their feelings not only in school but outside of school so that they are making pro-social choices instead of choices like this that can be fatal,” said Good.

“Even a wound that doesn’t result in a death is still fatal. That is a wound that will never go away,” said Good.

Concerned that COVID19 will isolate these students, Good reminds us we will get through the pandemic. “We need to harness our resilience and our grit. Be certain as adults we continue to be models of optimism and forward-thinking,” said Good.

Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler said, “this is a moment of extreme sadness for this community and for the families impacted by the senseless violence.”

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