Columbus Doctor Creates Breakthrough for Eye Surgery

    EAST COLUMBUS (Terri Sullivan) - A Columbus doctor has discovered something that's making life much easier for patients recovering from cataract surgery.It's called "Dropless Cataract Surgery."Dr. Richard Erdey, of the Erdey Searcy Eye Group, says administering a single intravitreal injection at the end of surgery helps cut the risk of infection and other post-surgical eye problems. Traditionally cataract patients have to take a series of drops, several times a day, over several weeks. But Erdey says research shows roughly 50% of cataract patients don't take the drops as prescribed. It can also save the patient hundreds of dollars in medical costs because most health insurance plans cover it as part of the procedure. {}The drops can cost upwards of $400 per eye.For more information about "Dropless Cataract Surgery":

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