Former Marching Band Director Jon Waters Sues Ohio State

COLUMBUS (Brooks Jarosz) -- Ousted Ohio State marching band director, Jonathan Waters, has slapped the university with a lawsuit. In it, he demands to be reinstated and wants more than $1 million in damages.

A 46-page lawsuit is a last ditch effort for Waters. Some of Waters' reasoning lies in a transcript of a meeting between squad leaders and OSU President Michael Drake. In it, Drake says much of the band's culture problems started long before Waters. Still, the university is not backing down.

Waters claims he wasn't even given a chance to defend himself. After being fired for what OSU called a "sexualized culture" in the band, Waters refuted the university's report and now is calling out OSU's top leaders.

"We are not who they say we are," Waters said. "I had nothing to hide and I didn't initially think lawyering up was in my best interest."

In a meeting with current marching band squad leaders, Waters says President Michael Drake told a different story as heard in an audio recording."

"I believe that the report was overwhelmingly about people I've never met, and that you've probably never met in times gone by," Drake said in the recording. "The overwhelming volume of this was historical information that was not relevant to you all."

Waters claims in the suit he was a scapegoat and faced gender discrimination. Specifically, not given the same protections and fairness like female university employees faced with similar harassment investigations.

"Unfortunately, I was placed in the position to bear the brunt of the accusations," Waters said.

Now, Waters wants $1 million, punitive damages, money for attorney fees and costs, and reinstatement as OSU's marching band director.

"We are here to rehabilitate and put a shine again on the reputation of The Ohio State University Marching Band.

Former Attorney General Jim Petro has also joined Waters' legal team.

OSU has not yet commented on the lawsuit but has tirelessly said that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. It stands behind the report that removed Waters from his position at OSU.

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