Millionaire Matchmaking Comes to Columbus


COLUMBUS (Chris Vanocur) - With high-tech options like Tinder or, it's all too easy to do your dating on-line, but Columbus now has a new way to meet people through a "Million Dollar Matchmaker."

"I think a lot of people, years ago, were always set up," said Nicci Sprouse, the owner of A-List Introductions, a dating service focused on serving successful singles with members of the opposite sex. "They met up by someone introducing them. A mutual friend or a family member and I think that's been lost with technology."

At a pre-Valentine's Day mixer, Sprouse and her celebrity co-hosts mingled with about 50 single, female guests. At the end of the evening, Sprouse and the co-hosts matched up one bachelorette with one of the bachelors, but the three anonymous bachelors aren't allowed to attend.We'll let you know what happens.{}{}{} {}

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