Mounted Police Find Toddler's Body

EAST COLUMBUS (Maria Durant) -- After a second day of searching, police find the body of missing Cameron Beckford Wednesday morning.The 14-month-old boy was found by police who were on horseback.Investigators say the child was stuffed into a canvass bag... discovered partially in submerged in Big Walnut Creek in East Columbus.

"The officers were very observant," said Sergeant Rich Weiner.

"When they saw that bag, it was on the opposite side of the bank where it was difficult to see."Police had been looking for 14-month-old Cameron Beckford since Monday after his mother told police she abandoned her son.The search first started at Big Walnut Creek near Chelsea Townhomes. Police now believe his body was dumped there. The creek's current then carried the bag about 3/4 of a mile down the river.{}{}{}{} {}"They took a closer look, took their horses into the water, looked at the bag, looked inside," said Weiner.

"Then they discovered the remains of the toddler."

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