Sick of paying rent? Short North "minimalist" redesigned box truck into mobile apartment

(Courtesy: Cam Williams)

He was working 70 hours a week and was sick of spending much of his salary on his apartment.

"Why am I spending $800 just for a bed?" said Cam Williams.

"I grew up thinking that happiness is when I had everything that I wanted," he told WSYX/WTTE. "Then, I got everything I wanted and I was still depressed."

Cam decided to become a minimalist.

He moved out of his apartment, purchased an old box truck, redesigned it and then moved into it.

The 98-square foot truck includes a sink with running water, a gas stove, a refrigerator and outlets powered by solar panels.

"I think the best part about this is helping people [realize] they don't need all the stuff they think they need," he said. "There's more value in being outdoors and being with friends and family."

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