Strut your stuff! Drum Major at Ohio State prepares for first game of the season

Ohio State drum major John LaVange is preparing for the coming season. (WSYX/WTTE)

Wait until you see his back-bend.

Actually, you've seen it before.

John LaVange is back as Drum Major for The Ohio State University.

"I tried to calculate the hours I've been practicing [to be the drum major]," John told WSYX/WTTE from a practice last week outside Ohio Stadium. "It comes out to quite a few, like, in the thousands."

In April, John was selected once again to lead The Best Damn Band in the Land for the new season.

"I wish everybody would get to experience [being on the field on a game day] because it is so cool. It's indescribable."

Before arriving at Ohio State, John began his twirling training during high school in his hometown of Warren.

"The running joke in my high school is that I had the record for the most sports attempted," John joked. "This is the one thing that stuck with me."

The O.S.U. senior spent the off-season training students in high school and the underclassman at Ohio State.

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