Good Day Gardening: Tips to help your plants grow


    Weather has been great for the garden, but a little dry this week for some of the area so you may need to water. This week we visited Derby Creek Nursery where they are still celebrating their 25th anniversary and offering 25% off all purchases.

    Jeff Turnbull, the owner, said they have fantastic plants and it still is a fantastic time to plant flower beds and the garden. We had a couple viewer questions this week, the first about strawberries being eaten by wildlife. Jeff said the only thing you can do is fence it off. Another question was about pepper plants getting black dots and wilting. Jeff said the black dots normally are an indication of too much water and often when people see a plant wilting they water it more only to make the problem worse. Still plenty of time to replant or wait a week or two to see if the plant bounces

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