OYS Champions: Dave Clawson of The Wilds


For our On Your Side Champions we are focusing on some of the wonderful folks at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and The Wilds that help make them so important to our community.

This week we are meeting Dave Clawson. For over two decades, he has helped guide the White Rhino Program at The Wilds. At the sprawling, lush, conservation center near Zanesville, Dave spends his day tending to the internationally recognized herd of White Rhinos.

It is the only breeding program to have fourth and fifth generation births outside of Africa. The White Rhino was once almost extinct, and Clawson says that three to four Rhinos are still being killed daily in South Africa for their horns.

It’s programs like Dave’s that are helping to save the species. They are some of the giants of Africa, thriving in the heart of Ohio.

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