DIRTY DINING: Restaurant Under Scrutiny after Not Correcting Violations


COLUMBUS (Tom Sussi) -- A Dublin restaurant Dirty Dining reported on a week ago faces increased scrutiny for repeated critical violations. And the Clean Plate Award goes to a restaurant whose chef was born in Bangladesh but whose heart is in Italian cooking.

Last week, ABC 6 Investigator Tom Sussi gave The Brazenhead, on North High Street in Dublin, the Dirty Dish Award for failing to correct critical violations. On September 18th, Franklin County Public Health Department issued the restaurant a warning letter for repeated uncorrected critical violations, and failure to maintain sanitary conditions.

The restaurant neglected to clean up its act, so the health department held an administrative hearing. As a result of that hearing, The Brazenhead must do the following:

- Employees and managers undergo food safety training.
- Keep monitoring logs for things like food temperatures, sanitizing and cleaning.
- Ensure the restaurant is clean and sanitary.

The Brazenhead also faces increased inspections for the next 60 days.

This week's Clean Plate Award goes to Omezzo Italian Restaurant, on Hill Road North in Pickerington. Four straight inspections without any critical violations.

Owner and Chef Al Zaman opened the restaurant in 2013. He said, "If you really like real authentic Italian food, we make it here. This is the real deal."

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