Puppy torture on Facebook sheds light on Ohio's animal abuse laws

Zeus the puppy, whose ears were chopped off in a video posted to Facebook (WSYX/WTTE)

If our lawmakers need a compelling example why Ohio's lenient animal abuse laws and penalties need more teeth - here it is.

A tipster provided Facebook video showing men cropping a puppy's ears. Using a straight razor and mallet, the ears are lopped off on the armrest of a chair. The pup's mangled flesh is coated with flour to stop the bleeding.

Thanks to your tips, 6 On Your Side Investigator Tom Sussi was able to track down the puppy and the men accused of torturing this animal.

WARNING: Some of the images and audio in the story are graphic.

Anyone wanting to get stronger laws to prosecute animal abusers, you can contact your state representatives and senators.

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