State of Ohio payroll spikes $100 million

State payroll increased by $102 million bringing total payout to $3.12 billion. (WSYX/WTTE)

State of Ohio employees earned more than $3.1 billion last year, which is an increase of $102.5 million, according to a state salary data report released by the Department of Administrative Services.

The 3.3 percent increase in total payout is largely attributed to a 2.5 percent general wage increase that many state workers received on July 1, 2016, the report said.

The state has roughly 52,000 employees earning an average of $52,724 in gross pay.

Payroll data shows 100 employees made $190,000 or more in gross pay. At least 60 employees made $50,000 or more in overtime.

Overall, more than $123.2 million was spent on overtime for workers. That’s an additional $10.83 million compared to 2015 payroll data.

The highest overtime earner was, again, Psychiatrist Zinovi Goubar with the Department of Health and Addiction Services who made $483,796. Of that, $278,019 was paid in overtime for “on duty” work. His overall pay was increased by $27,553 compared to the previous year.

Nurse Felicia Nnadi with the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, received the most overtime for employees not eligible for “on duty” or “on call” work earning $133,406 for overtime of her gross of $221,464.

Vacation payout for state workers increased to $198 million last year. That’s up by about $6 million. A physician’s administrator earned the largest vacation payout with approximately $74,000.

Governor John Kasich ranked 187th on the list of highest paid state employees making more than $148,000.

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