UPDATE: Machete attacker had computer background

Part of Mohamed Barry's LinkedIn profile, showing his picture.

Federal investigators are zeroing in on the machete attack suspect's background and his motives, but they're still refusing to call it a terrorist attack.

A copy of suspect Mohamed Barry's resume shows he has an extensive computer and information technology background. LinkedIn shows a picture of Barry with the resume that lays out his skills in programming, building and developing databases and applications.

ABC 6 Investigators learned right now the FBI is scouring Barry's internet and computer history looking for ties to terrorism. The FBI and Homeland Security are specifically looking for terrorist propaganda or ties to extremist groups, sources say.

The FBI says Barry, 30, is from Guinea, a country in West Africa. His resume shows he went to school and worked in Philadelphia before coming to Columbus.

Barry was not under active FBI investigation at the time of the attack. However, ABC 6 Investigators learned his name was flagged in a law enforcement database of those potentially tied to terrorism or terrorist groups.

Law enforcement sources say Barry may have mistaken the owner of Nazareth restaurant for being Jewish.

The FBI released a statement to ABC 6 Investigators Monday afternoon saying in part, "While it would be premature to discuss investigative details or speculate about the motivation behind the attack."

We spoke with a manager at Barry's last known employer. He says Barry was a temporary employee who was vetted and passed all necessary background checks to work as a data entry specialist.

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