Apps to help make Back to School a little easier


As with just about anything these days, there are definitely apps for heading back to school!

Here are a few that could help make your family's and student's life a little easier:

Cozi Family Organizer: This app can help make sure you always know what's happening and who's where, with a built-in calendar and to-do list. You can color code each individual to keep track of each event or even school assignment due dates

Here Comes The Bus: You can use this app to keep track of your student's school bus. But, schools have to make this available to parents, so you can log in and see the information.

gFlash: No more writing out all those note cards for studying, this app lets your or your kids create their own digital flashcards & quiz. And no need to type it all in, you can upload a Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet

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